Warehousing, Packing, Palletisation & Insurance

 Safety and Security are the prime concerns in our warehousing operations. Adequate insurance is also provided.

There is sufficient space for proper stacking of various forms of packing i.e. wooden cases, cartons, drums, bales, plastic containers, crates etc. Space is also available for manoeuvrability of heavy cargo within the warehouses. For air cargo consignments, we strictly adhere to accurate weighment, correct volumetric dimensions, thorough attention to affixing airlines' labels and other handling labels required by the airlines and minutely checking the packing of consignments to ensure airworthiness. When the need arises, we also undertake packaging to ensure that the cargo offered to the airline/shipping companies is capable of withstanding the flight/voyage.

We have efficient tie-ups with Insurance Companies which can assist in our providing Insurance cover. Insurance cover can also be arranged through airlines who undertake the same.






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